Move goods more easily through digital innovation in your supply chain

Effective supply chain management is crucial for businesses today.


We bring collaboration, visibility and security together to help you improve efficiency and transparency across your supply chain. Helping you visualise and respond in real time to what's happening in your supply chain, with the information you need to make better decisions.


Designed for businesses of any size - and their hauliers - that move goods and want to improve resilience in their supply chain.

Retailers and manufacturers can enhance production processes and get goods to market more quickly. 

Hauliers can more easily manage day-to-day operations with digitally mapped journey views and better load assurance.

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Introduce digital innovation into your supply chain with Digital Trader Services. 

Why choose
Digital Trader Services ?

Fast paced, complex supply chains with multiple stakeholders demand real-time communication to minimise the risk and costs of disruption.

With Atamai Freight, we help you collaborate seamlessly through your supply chain by providing real-time information so you can dynamically manage your operations around delivery delays and incidents. Using GPS and smart seals - a reusable electronic lock - you'll have real-time location data, enhanced protection from tampering and all information captured on an immutable digital ledger. Delivering real-time visibility and security for goods in transit for all stakeholders.

Atamai Freight

  • Access critical information through a simple, integrated dashboard that gives you real-time visibility of goods in transit

  • Receive alerts of any issues ahead of the event to enable faster resolution, and even prevention, to help you mitigate disruption

  • Keep consignment journey records securely and permanently for trused governance and audit capabilities

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Why companies 

love DTS

"Atamai Freight has allowed us to collaborate better with our customers"

“Atamai Freight has been a very welcome addition to our digital transport systems.

The system supports us by securely sharing real-time information on single and multi-drop consignments giving complete visibility to both our customers and our team, thus ensuring seamless transition of goods into Northern Ireland. Delays in the supply chain can be costly but Atamai Freight has allowed us to collaborate better with our customers and reduce these delays. 

Our customers rely on us to be on time, all of the time, so best in class customer service is at the forefront of everything we do."

Nick McCullough, Managing Director 

MANFREIGHT Limited, a leading logistics, supply chain & transport business

We bring together innovative technology and leading trade expertise to help you move goods more easily so you can focus on what really matters – your business.