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Move goods with ease

Bring real time end-to-end visibility to your supply chain logistics for more effective collaboration. Make EU customs declarations quick and easy so you can trade with confidence.

Choose digital innovation, choose Digital Trader Services.

*No complex integration or credit card needed.

Why choose DTS ?

Our automated solutions help you save time and money. Access to real time information enables you to make better informed decisions. Designed for businesses of any size that move goods, including freight forwarders, hauliers, customs agents or importers .

Smart Customs

  • Simplify your customs admin. Submit declarations without complex questions or customs jargon.

  • Cut your admin time. Our smart engine auto-populates up to 70% of data fields.

  • Keep track of declarations through our interactive dashboard.

  • Easily interface with HMRC and port inventory systems.

  • A dedicated customer services team to assist you. Receive advice on customs related matters.


Atamai Freight

  • Get end-to-end supply chain visibility to track goods movements with a digital reflection of a consignment’s journey

  • Enable Groupage with load assurance and integrity of the entire shipment

  • Help ensure load integrity and regulatory compliance with a tamper-proof smartlock  

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Why people love DTS

"Providing a safety net for businesses"

While providing a safety net for businesses, this technology also enables businesses to upskill their workforce as educational support is given to in-house teams navigating new systems. This is a vital string to any businesses’ bow as many are seeing operations suffer as they are unable to hire and retain in demand, skilled workers.

Frank Dunsmuir,
Industry Lead Customs & International Trade at Digital Trader Services

DTS helps you move goods between the EU and the UK so you can trade with confidence

We are the experts working together to create a world with invisible borders. We bring together innovative technology and leading customs expertise to simplify and accelerate goods movements so you can focus on what really matters – your business.

Stay informed

Join other businesses that receive the latest customs news. Filled with expert advice and tips to help you keep on top of GB-EU trade.

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