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A block in time saves your wine

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

How wine fraud in 2012 is accelerating food security today - listen now

Wine and blockchain may seem an unlikely combination but after hearing about the sale of countless fake wines and an incredible fraudster, Oliver Oram founded Chainvine with the goal of "reducing the cost of trust".

With consumers increasingly interested in the origin and quality of their food, provenance and traceability are vital for any business looking to build trust and maintain their reputation

Just 20 minutes

If you’re interested in food security, blockchain or wine fraud, this engaging podcast with Oliver Oram, CEO and founder of Chainvine is extremely worthwhile.

About Oliver Oram

Oliver has spent many years working internationally in the Financial Technology sector. He has worked with the economic benefits of full and incremental decentralization.

As well as leading Chainvine in Reducing Friction in Trade & the Ecosystem of Trust, Oliver works on the Expert Advisory Committee on Enhancing Innovation in Rural Areas OECD, Smart Partner for Commonwealth Central Bank Governors and other industry bodies representing adoption of new technology.


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