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Boosting the safety of food transportation - a new recipe

Any organisation is keen to ensure their goods are transported safely and securely to their destination. But the stakes are higher for food manufacturers, as their products can be particularly vulnerable to issues such as tampering and theft.

Traditionally, food manufacturers have relied on visual inspection to check that their products are correctly packaged and secured – and to monitor the goods during transportation to detect any potential security breaches. However, this is time consuming and prone to human error.

Now, for the first time, a new generation of technology is acting as the eyes and ears of food manufacturers for unprecedented levels of visibility throughout the supply chain – in real time.

Smart seals containing telematics technology can be fitted to lorry trailers, shipping containers or food packaging to help prevent tampering and theft, and depending on the type of seal, there is the potential to provide real-time information on various aspects such as, location, speed, temperature and humidity to ensure food arrives in peak condition The visible presence of seal also acts as a deterrent to prevent unauthorised opening of the vehicle.

Digital twin technology makes it possible to bring together all the relevant data for each consignment, with dynamic updates as the goods move through the supply chain. Intelligent data orchestration can then be used to analyse the relationships between the digital models and highlight any potential problems to mitigate risk – delays at a port, for example, that might affect a shipment of perishable food.

Information is only shared with stakeholders on a 'need to know' basis – so there are no security concerns around allowing access to company databases. The manufacturer and the supermarket receiving a consignment of frozen chicken nuggets need to know the temperature history of the consignment's journey, for example – for reassurance that the product is in good condition. But the haulier would only need to be alerted if there was an issue with the temperature at any point during the journey.

Meanwhile, an added layer of security is provided by feeding the data into a blockchain – a decentralised, secure digital ledger that records transactions in a tamper-proof way. It means the movement of food products can be tracked every step of the way from the farm to the consumer.

The solution, Atamai Freight, includes features such as location, load assurance and integrity to serve up peace of mind for food manufacturers when it comes to transporting goods to their customers across the country and in the EU - offering traceability and improved security, along with less administration and the ability to manage any issues in real-time, it's a recipe for competitive edge.


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