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Does your supply chain give you your 5-a-day?

5 benefits of better collaboration across your supply chain

Effective supply chain management presents a vast variety of complex challenges, with processing and production increasingly sophisticated and time critical. The daily demands of supporting just in time requirements inevitably create stress points in even the best run supply chains.

The biggest obstacle to supply chain collaboration is the ability to share relevant data between the different stakeholders. Each stakeholder in the supply chain holds a piece of the puzzle but it’s how it can be used that unlocks its value. Often, accessing key information demands a series of emails or any number of phone calls.

And if suppliers and customers in the supply chain are to improve their efficiency, to mitigate or manage any disruptions at their end of the operation and meet customer expectations, better collaboration is essential.

Here’s just 5 benefits of better collaboration:

· Bringing all supply chain participants together improves ease and speed of decision making

· Effective collaboration lets you see and understand what’s happening in your supply chain and improves transparency.

· Visibility of consignments in real-time can help your customers with production planning and to reduce the time taken to manage the intake of consignments.

· All of which helps you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

· Plus infallible data and visibility can restore confidence in the supply chain so you can stand out against the competition.

What do we do to help?

Our solution, Atamai Freight introduces a new level of collaboration across the supply chain. It’s a digital innovation that helps to put you and your supply chain partners in control, delivering real time visibility of consignments in transit between all partners, whilst simultaneously helping to support load assurance.   

Atamai harnesses the information you already have, enriches it with automatically gathered data, and makes it visible to you and the stakeholders in your supply chain to help you work more efficiently and mitigate disruptions.

To learn more book a free demo here

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