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European Business Magazine - Why IOT isn't the answer when it comes to the supply chain

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

European Business Magazine’s article “Why IoT is not the answer when it comes to the supply chain” reports that global supply chain disruption costs the average large business $189 million a year. Toby Mills, Atamai Freight consortium partner, founder and CEO of supply chain visibility pioneer Entopy, explains that why data meshing provides the breakthrough for supply chains.

The real challenge

Creating effective connections between them is the real challenge. Whilst there is no shortage of data to achieve granular visibility throughout the supply chain, it is fragmented across a variety of siloed systems, each owned, operated and controlled by different independent organisations.

To unlock the benefits, the data needs to be captured and combined, while maintaining privacy between the respective organisations. And very different data - from numerous stakeholders, operating in different jurisdictions across multiple enterprise platforms and often in several languages - needs to be brought together in a way that can deliver the coherent visibility required.

Data mesh technology provides the breakthrough

The good news, as Toby explains, is that new data mesh technology is now providing a breakthrough. Unlocking value from even the most challenging supply chains through the use of intelligent data orchestration. Read more in European Business Magazine.


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