Are you a logistics service provider? Here’s how to keep your customs clearance in good hands

After Brexit, shipping goods to and from the European Union (EU) has become more complex. As a logistics service provider (LSP) you may be wondering how you can streamline your service to reduce time and cost. When navigating procurement, order fulfilment, warehousing and distribution, there are areas where you could run into problems, particularly with now stricter EU customs clearance.

By choosing DTS Smart Customs from Digital Trader Services (DTS), you help ensure that your operations run as smoothly as possible, whether you’re a haulier looking for freight logistics or a freight forwarding service. Its smart systems help you and your clients manage and prepare customs declaration documentation. Smart tech helps your team and your clients produce the right paperwork and keep your business compliant. You don’t even have to rely on emails and PDFs passing between you and your clients. Plus there’s expert guidance to support your customs journeys and educational materials and checklists to help with customs clearance.

Read on to learn more about how Smart Customs can optimise your customs clearance and help your clients and your business.

What is Smart Customs?

Smart Customs aims to ease the challenges regarding EU customs to make importing easier. Smart Customs offers an innovative way to manage goods movements and your customs compliance so you can more easily navigate the complex rules and costs of importing goods to Great Britain. This service opens up access to a wealth of knowledge and support so that you can complete your customs declarations without the need to be a customs expert. The solutions we offer means DTS does much of the hard work for you, letting you focus on expanding your business.

Smart Customs is an easy-to-use portal that lets you and your clients:

  • Complete and submit declarations without complex questions or customs jargon

  • Cut admin time with a smart engine that auto-populates up 70% of data fields

  • Keep track of declarations through our interactive dashboard

  • Easily interface with HMRC and port inventory systems

  • Get the support of a dedicated customer services team.

Smart Customs for business helps reduce the worry of customs compliance:

  • Online educational content and customs news helps upskill admin teams

  • Our portal updates to match government requirements

  • And trade and customs experts are on hand to answer customs queries.

Smart Customs for LSPs lessens the burden of customs admin:

  • Makes collaboration easier, capturing customer data online

  • Helps reduce submission errors with data validation

  • Streamlines shipping by grouping consignments based on delivery plans

  • Flexes to match demand from customers

Navigating trade after Brexit

According to new research by Vuealta, 50% of UK businesses felt that Brexit uncertainty had negatively impacted their supply chain in the last five years. UK-based logistics service providers and hauliers have had to deal with regulatory changes, a requirement for more customs declarations and significant impacts on their supply chains.

EU trade agreements ceased to apply to the UK on 1 January 2021 and as a result of the increasing complexity and number of border declarations post Brexit, businesses in the UK and EU have encountered delays when it comes to imports. New customs and regulatory processes bring significant new paperwork requirements, and failure to comply could result in heavy fines for businesses.

With all these extra rules and restrictions, how can your business navigate trade after Brexit, without dealing with long delays and extra, unforeseen, costs? Well, a customs management solution, like Smart Customs, is on hand to assist you with all the difficult aspects of the new customs import clearance process so you can focus on what really matters, your business.

How can Smart Customs help your clients?

Smart Customs is a digital customs management solution that can support you at various steps of the global supply chain. A customs management solution that gives you ease and visibility is crucial for global imports, particularly with the volume of trade moving to and from the EU and Great Britain. Understanding the benefits of customs management, weaving its services into your trade process and using it to differentiate yourself can help give you an edge over your competitors and provide state of the art strategies to your clients improving customer experience.

Smart Customs will help you with the following aspects of your import customs clearance:

Submit necessary declarations

Smart Customs can help your clients successfully complete the necessary paperwork that will help to lessen both of your overall workloads significantly. Clients choosing Smart Customs as their customs management system, will have up to 70% of their customs declarations auto-populated. The combination of technology and customs expertise means they can simply and easily create declarations for the goods already imported. Smart Customs supports a range of customs requirements at the EU border, from supplementary declarations to full frontier declarations.

The complex process of submitting your forms and documentation to HMRC is made simpler with flexible data upload capacities. A team of customs experts is on hand to assist you and your clients in every step of the process, so if you do face issues with your customs declarations, they can help you solve the issue and smooth the importation of your goods. Its vital customs clearance is strictly compliant with the HMRC regulations and if you or your clients are missing documentation, you may run into hiccups that can halt and delay your deliveries.

Expert guidance

A professional customs clearance service understands EU compliance requirements and is in a great position to offer support and advice that will make your EU trading feel easy. Using our service for your customs clearance gives you a call centre ready to answer any questions you may have and offer the advice you need to comply with changing customs regulations – very important as more changes are due during 2022.

Our advanced customs software allows you and your team to easily manage your admin as well as offer support without having to find more, and increasingly scarce, customs agents. Giving you more time to manage other aspects of your business.

Access to advanced educational materials and checklists

Learning new customs compliance regulations can be tricky, but it’s important to ensure you and your team understand the process and can implement this into your trade. Smart Customs offers expertise from Fujitsu and The Institute of Export & International Trade by providing practical guides to support your business through the customs process. This provides the advice needed to help you keep your business compliant with HMRC regulations.

With these resources, you can feel confident that you are supported in your business. As a logistics service provider, or a haulier in need of freight logistics services, having expert guidance when it comes to customs clearance for goods coming into the country provides the reassurance you need. Smart Customs can offer this guidance so you can work towards bigger business goals rather than being held back by complex and lengthy customs compliance.

A streamlined service

Smart Customs offers a customs import clearance service that is simple and straightforward, with pricing that is easy to understand. We ensure there are no hidden fees and, the more goods movements you do, the greater the discounts available. Smart Customs works for businesses of any size. Our customs clearance service is efficient and easy to use offering you an advantage over your competitors as you can offer a quicker, more transparent service that your customers will appreciate.

By reducing errors and improving your efficiency, Smart Customs can increase your customer loyalty. Smart Customs captures the information you need directly from your customers through the Smart Customs dashboard helping you to collaborate together quickly and easily. Streamlining the service on both sides and creating happy clients who help keep your business on track and profitable.

The benefits of using customs management services

We believe choosing Smart Customs as your customs management services can help streamline your business as a logistics service provider and provide valuable assistance with customs declarations. Here’s how using an external customs management provider benefits you:

  • Peace of mind - Smart Customs helps keep your customs clearance is compliant with HMRC regulations so you don’t need to worry.

  • You don’t need to be an expert - By using Smart Customs you can leave the hard work to us, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. We’ll help you understand the complex regulations yourself so you don’t need someone in-house to specialise in the area.

  • Reduce delays - Smart Customs helps lower the risk of errors and incorrect documentation to ensure your goods movements are as streamlined as possible. Reducing delays helps keep your business moving and keep your clients happy.

  • Deal solely with Smart Customs - Smart Customs can offer you advice, guidance, and support so you don’t need to juggle multiple customs agents.

Customs management with Smart Customs

Are you a logistics service provider looking to streamline your customs process as a part of the global supply chain? If you trade goods to and from the EU, Smart Customs is here to make the process much simpler, help ensure your customs clearance is compliant and support you in submitting necessary declarations and documents.

We offer customs and trade expertise and 24/7 stuck at port services. We connect you with experts to help your customs strategy stay ahead of changing regulations. We also assist you by providing control and visibility over your consignment, seamless data submission and flexibility so you can use our services in a way that suits your business. To learn more or to receive a free demo, contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help.