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The supply chain’s ‘magnificent seven’

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

7 tips to move goods through the supply chain

  1. Use a system where all stakeholders in the process have real-time visibility of every journey. Share a single portal which builds trust.

  2. The complexity of the modern supply chain means that any issues have a knock-on effect. Particularly if you're moving consignments across borders. If you can’t be confident of delivery times, it affects production which in turn affects onward deliveries and so on. Immutable data - using blockchain ensures trust - and real-time visibility provide the information needed for all involved in the supply chain and helps to restore confidence in the supply chain.

  3. Make collaboration across the supply chain simpler. With Atamai Freight, manufacturer, haulier, and end customer simultaneously receive alerts which let each party react quickly to any issues. This proactive response helps maximise efficiency and can help reduce cost – and can cut down on endless emails and phone calls between the interested parties.

  4. Get visibility of consignments in real-time to help with production planning and deployment of resources, whether that’s better shift planning, switching lines on the factory floor or yard management. By using the digital advance notifications provided by Atamai Freight to pre-receipt goods, Finnebrogue Artisan has reduced the time taken to manage the intake of consignments by 66%.

  5. Help improve traceability and shelf life. More effective resource management and smoother operations help goods get to their customers more quickly. And geo-tracking and smart seals highlight suspicious activities to help protect those goods against contamination, damage, or fraud.

  6. Implement a digital solution that gives a view of each journey, trailer ID, secure digital seal, and consignment data without the need for time consuming, expensive integrations to customers transport systems.

  7. Support your corporate social responsibility strategy. Atamai’s technology helps you decrease your CO2 emissions by monitoring your vehicles’ acceleration and deceleration. And the switch to reusable, digital smart seals reduces use of single use plastic.


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