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Uncorking innovation

Updated: May 23, 2023

Winemaker Félix Solís Avantis believe a recent Atamai Freight pilot shows that they could reduce export times in Spanish Wines by 25%.

Working in collaboration, Felix Solis, Chainvine and Fujitsu UK, have used blockchain technology and QR codes on trucks and containers in an initiative to create an "ecosystem of trust" that allows different government agencies, customers, producers and consumers to access the key information needed through a secure platform.

The first test shipment has gone from the main winery of Félix Solís in Valdepeñas and it’s been possible to monitor the cargo continuously through to its arrival at a Tesco distribution centre in the UK. From the pick-up point to the destination, the geolocation of the shipment was shared with each party and all shipping documents were transported electronically via the access QR code along with the necessary data to allow entry into the UK with full security.

As Felix Solis looks to cut through Brexit-related red tape and speed up wine exports to the UK, Richard Cochrane, MD of Felix Solis UK said: “With this new technology, export times in Spanish wines could be reduced by 25%, helping to reduce the increase that Brexit has meant in the working capital of the total

Spanish supply chain by €30 million per week.


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