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Unleashing the power of the 'Last Mile': a journey worth taking

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." This ancient Chinese proverb by Lao Tzu resonates deeply in the world of supply chain professionals grappling with the challenges of the last mile.

While the last mile - the final leg of the delivery process - may not seem as captivating as e-bikes whizzing through bustling streets or drones hovering in the sky, its significance cannot be underestimated.

The last mile’s importance to the supply chain

In the realm of Logistics and Supply Chain, the last mile poses one of the most demanding and costly issues to overcome. Yet, for consumers, it often fades into the background. Taken for granted. We have come to expect that our desired items will be readily available when we need them, whether they are essential components for work or the trainers we crave for the weekend. The last mile stands out as the most visible aspect of the supply chain, directly impacting our satisfaction by determining the timing of goods' arrival.

Supply chain professionals understand the criticality of optimising the entire end-to-end process, recognizing that the last mile plays a significant role in profitability and customer experience. However, achieving a successful last mile strategy requires a delicate balance, considering factors such as cost, efficiency, and risk mitigation. In today's world marked by global conflicts like the war in Ukraine and the pursuit of sustainability targets, businesses find themselves compelled to reassess their operational strategies, procurement practices, supplier collaborations, and overall supply chain framework.

Prioritising enhance visibility through data

And so, it begins with a single step. To truly excel in enhancing the last mile, businesses must prioritise enhanced visibility through data. This journey goes beyond utilising data within their own organization; it entails tapping into relevant data from all partners within the supply chain. In the landscape of fragmented supply chains that we navigate today, the ability to see and share data across the entire supply chain becomes paramount in achieving efficient and cost-effective movement of goods.

What can't be ignored is, amidst the sea of data, the challenge lies in extracting the right information while ensuring the utmost confidentiality among partners. Nonetheless, by carefully selecting and structuring data, it can be shared seamlessly among supply chain partners, facilitating collaboration and enabling swift actions when issues arise.

Digital twins versus the drones

While technologies like digital twins and intelligent data orchestration may not capture the attention as much as futuristic drones, their significance cannot be overstated. These technologies allow for the capture of relevant data, structured sharing, and the generation of actionable insights. Without the profound insights that data provides, improving the last mile becomes an insurmountable task. Comprehensive data not only helps address delivery hiccups but also sheds light on areas for improvement and demonstrates the potential return on investment in enhancing supply chain performance.

So whether they’re drawing inspiration or not from the wisdom of Lao Tzu, supply chain professionals are taking that crucial first step towards data-driven visibility. Through digital twins and intelligent data orchestration, they’re able to unlock the full potential of the last mile, helping their journey towards supply chain excellence. Taking that first step to get their data sorted, before calling in the drones.


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